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Shipbrokers since 1904

Tuborg Havnevej 18, 2900 Hellerup


We are competitive Tanker shipbrokers with intent focus on core clients.

We strive to develop their business in the dynamic markets of today. 
As tanker brokers we have emphasis on specialized trade(s) with focus on Chemicals, Fosfa Products and CPP/DPP. Ranging over the globe, from smaller coasters to bigger parcel carriers.

We are a privately owned shipbroking company, founded in 1904 with our established office in Copenhagen, in the heart of the Danish shipping community.

Today the role of a shipbroker has changed from the past.

One will find the broker is being used more as an asset to Charterers, with consultancy and sparring to obtain the right knowledge, the Charterer needs to conduct and navigate in today’s markets.